How to Remove Heat Shrink

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Things You'll Need

  • Straight razor blade

  • Needle-nose pliers


You can also use the razor to cut the tubing by itself, but this requires a delicate touch. This may damage the wiring underneath, so be careful if you decide to use this method.

Heat shrink tubing is used on several different types of electrical joints, including soldered joints and crimped connections. The tubing goes over the connection, then when heated with a heat source, shrinks down around the connection, creating a tight connection. Occasionally, you may realize that the heat shrink needs to be removed to redo the connection or cut the connection apart. Doing so can be done in many different methods, but one of the most basic involves minimal tools and very little time.


Step 1

Locate the end of the heat shrink tubing, on either side of the joint. Carefully cut a slit in the tubing using the razor blade, making sure not to cut the wire or wire shielding underneath. The heat shrink tubing is quite delicate and responds easily to the razor blade.

Step 2

Place the tip of the needle-nose pliers onto the end of the tubing and pull it away from the electrical connection.

Step 3

Cut the tubing using the razor blade while using the pliers to keep the heat shrink away from the connection. Continue cutting until the tubing is completely away from the connection.


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