How to Connect Two Wires

How to Connect Two Wires. Being your own electrician is only a trip to the hardware store away. One of the simplest home repairs a person can make is to connect two wires. With a simple set of tools, you can repair any simple wiring problem around the house that needs a connection.

Step 1

Ensure that all electrical power on either side of your wires is off. Either unplug it if you are using an appliance, or turn off the circuit breaker if you are working on home wiring.

Step 2

Remove 1 ½ inches of wire from the end of both wire using the strippers. Locate the size of wire you are using, clamp the strippers around them and pull the stripper toward the end. This should remove 1 ½ inches of plastic insulation around the wires, exposing the metal.

Step 3

Touch both wires at the mid point of their exposed ends. Tightly twist the wires together all the way to their ends. Snip off the end of the combined wire.

Step 4

Twist the plastic wire connector clockwise around the bare wires. Push down hard until you are sure the wires are securely between the connector.

Step 5

Give each individual wire a tug to ensure that they are securely connected. Wrap the plastic connector and the wires in electrical tape to ensure that the connection does not slip.