Can I Put a Motion Detector in a Recessed Light?

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Recessed lighting avoids calling attention to the bulbs that are providing the illumination. A motion detector can be installed so as to activate the recessed lighting when a person passes by. Some supplies from a hardware store or select home and garden shops will be needed, as will some tools. Basic knowledge of how electricity works in the home is also needed.


Motion Detector Sensor Module

A motion detector sensor module goes in between the bulb and the socket on the lighting fixture. The module is screwed directly into the socket of the recessed lighting fixture, and the bulb, which was removed from the socket earlier, is then screwed into the socket on the module.

Self-Contained Motion Detector Light

A self-contained motion detector light replaces the light to provide both illumination and motion detection. The bulb, once unscrewed from the recessed light's socket, is discarded so that the self-contained motion detector light can take its place.


Ceiling Motion Detector

A motion detector module can be inserted into the cavity of a ceiling once the recessed lighting fixture has been removed from the ceiling. The module is then connected to the recessed lighting fixture and the electrical junction box supplying the fixture with power. Power to the electrical junction box will have to be turned off during the installation.

Motion Detector Switch

A motion detector switch can be installed to control the actions of the recessed light. The switch will have to replace the conventional switch that is on the wall -- power to the electric line having been cut off first from the fuse box. The motion detector switch is then wired to the electrical junction box inside the wall to interpose itself between the flow of electricity to the recessed light. Once the motion detector switch has been installed on the wall, the power to the electric line can be restored.


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