Splice connectors are plastic clips used to make quick splices or connections with two or more pieces of wire. They are designed for use with electrical cables, telephone cables and electrical device wires. A splice connector consists of a plastic clip with a sharp metal insert that safely cuts through the plastic insulating jackets of two wires and crimps them together. The splice connector clip snaps into place to securely hold the wires together. You can use a splice connector to splice wires without having to solder them.

Step 1

Strip one inch of the insulation jacket and the inner foil shield off the end of the cables that you are going to splice together. Leave the interior individual wires that are covered with colored plastic insulating jackets alone.

Step 2

Insert one of the individual interior wires from one cables into the wire hole of the splice connector. Push the end of the wire all the way in. Most connectors come with a clear side that allows you to see if you have inserted the wire all the way or not. Insert the same colored wire from the other cable into the other wire hole of the splice connector.

Step 3

Set the splice connector into the jaws of your pliers. Firmly apply pressure with the pliers to snap the top and bottom of the splice connector together. The splice connect will cut through the two wires and clamp together to create a secure splice connection. Repeat this process with the rest of the wires of both cables.

Step 4

Secure the spliced cables together with a plastic zip tie to prevent the splice connections from being pulled apart. Wrap the zip tie around the bottom of the stripped insulation jacket of both cables and tie it off. Trim down the end of the zip tie with a pair of scissors.