While cell phones and wireless technology continues to grow to new heights, having a landline phone or a phone connected to a hard line can often provide immediate access when cell towers are not available. The basic landline phone jack is wired and connected with a four wire cable, each individual wire inside the cable is a solid copper wire, rather than stranded wire, and will make hookup of the landline phone an easier process.

Male Phone Plug

Step 1

Strip the insulation off the existing wiring that will be connected to the jack. Use the wire strippers to remove 4 to 5 inches of the outer insulation on the cable. Separate each of the four wires and strip one inch of insulation off each one.

Step 2

Bend a small half loop in the end of each wire. This will help secure the wire around the screws as we attach them and tighten them down in the steps to follow.

Step 3

Attach the appropriate wire to the labeled screw using the following pattern. Attach the green wire to the green screw labeled T1 (T=Tip), the red wire to the red screw labeled R1 (R=Ring), the black wire to the black screw labeled T2, and the yellow wire to the yellow screw labeled R2. Tighten each screw down over the half loop in the wire to secure the wire to the jack.

Step 4

Insert an included screw through each hole in the jack cover plate and attach the jack and cover plate to the existing phone box, by tightening the screws down.

Step 5

Plug in a standard phone and test the line for a dial tone.