What Is a Flush Beam?

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A flush beam, also known as a header beam, is a structural component that is located at the same level of ceiling joists and one that utilizes joist hangers for attachment. It is often used for framing deck forms like octagons, or for stair landings where a cantilevered beam is not the most sensible option.



For anyone considering using a flush beam instead of a cantilevered beam, there are a few drawbacks. A flushed beam generally works in an inferior manner compared to a cantilevered beam because the composition of the hangers and the fasteners is considerably less reliable than the attachment of wood that is directly supported and held up by wood. Also, adding joist hangers is costly and rather time consuming. Installing a drop beam or cantilever is a lot easier and takes much less time.


Other than the flush beam, what are some of the other different types of ceiling support options? Some of these various options include installing encastre, cantilever lower and upper columns, concrete walls, drop beams, simple beams or down stand beams.



Besides ceiling wall support, there are various other different applications in which the flush beam is useful and offers benefits. A flush beam is good at simplifying and making installation easier for heating, plumbing and electrical systems. A flush beam enables faster installation for these processes.


The flash beam falls under three different categories. These include the traditional flush beam (often used to open two rooms so that the beams are not visible), the upset beam (a kind of flush beam that is used in attics or in line with walls) and the drop beams (the easiest kind of flush beam to install).



If you want to purchase a flush beam for ceiling support of your residence or business, there are a lot of good places online to do so. These online vendors include Home Security Store, In Mod, Vac Depot, SafeMart and Central Vacuum Stores. It is also a good idea to check out hardware stores in your area such as Home Depot and Lowes.



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