How to Change the Blade on a Bosch 1587AVS/SDS Jigsaw

The Bosch model 1587AVS/SDS is a top-handle jigsaw that comes with three different blades. Each blade is designed for a different type of cutting project. The 1587AVS has a tool-free blade change system designed for easy and quick blade changes. In the operating instructions, Bosch recommends making a test cut on a piece of scrap material to ensure that the most appropriate blade is installed for the cutting project.

Each blade is designed for a different type of lumber or cutting style.

Step 1

Pull up on the blade change knob, located on the back of the handle behind the trigger. Move the knob up as far as it will go.

Step 2

Turn the blade change knob three turns counterclockwise to unlock the blade from the jigsaw.

Step 3

Tilt the blade backward to a 90-degree angle to the cutting direction. Twist the blade so the teeth face the opposite direction. Pull the blade out of the blade plunger.

Step 4

Insert the new blade into the blade plunger at a 90-degrees angle to the cutting position. Turn the blade teeth forward and guide the back of the blade into the groove in the blade roller guide.

Step 5

Pull down on the blade to seat it in position within the blade plunger.

Step 6

Turn the blade change knob clockwise until you hear a click, indicating that the blade is locked into place. Press the knob down to disengage the blade change mode. Turn the knob clockwise until it rests in its original position on the handle.