Curtains made from heavy material can block light from entering your windows more effectively than a sheer and light-material curtain, but the heavier curtains do have their drawbacks. The added weight of the material requires you to invest more effort into the hanging process. If you do not properly anchor the curtains to the wall, they may fall down. Your hard work will pay off, though, once you take a look at your new curtains.

Heavy curtains can add a classic flair to your home.

Step 1

Measure the width and the height of the window you will hang the curtains over. Your curtain rod should be at least 5 inches longer than your window is wide.

Step 2

Purchase a sturdy curtain rod that can support the weight of your curtains. A flimsy aluminum curtain rod will not always cut it, so opt for a stronger curtain rod made from a more dependable metal such as steel.

Step 3

Run a stud detector over the wall where you will hang the curtain. Heavy curtains need a strong anchor, so you will need to attach your curtain rod brackets directly to the studs of the wall. Lightly mark the studs with a pencil so you can find them later.

Step 4

Choose a location for your curtain rod brackets depending on the location of the wall studs. Use the studs that are on either side of the window so your curtain will span the distance over the window.

Step 5

Measure the length of your curtains to know how high you must place the brackets. If the curtains reach all the way down to the floor, they can cause problems. Install your curtain rod brackets so that your curtains hang at least 3 inches off the floor while they still cover your entire window.

Step 6

Mark the appropriate location of the curtain rod brackets using a pencil. The location will depend on the location of the studs and the height you will hang your curtains. Ensure that the two marks are level on both sides of the window so your curtains do not hang at an angle.

Step 7

Hold your brackets to the wall where you intend to install them. Mark the spot where you will need to install a screw with a pencil. Take down the brackets.

Step 8

Pierce the wall with a nail at each location where you will insert a screw to hold the brackets. The hole only needs to be a quarter of an inch deep.

Step 9

Hold the bracket back in place. Line the start hole up with the screw hole, and insert the screws through the hole to anchor the bracket to the wall (do this for all brackets).

Step 10

Attach the curtains to the curtain rod. Different curtains will have different hanging methods, so examine your curtains to determine how they should hang on the curtain rod.

Step 11

Lift the rod to the brackets and let it rest on them. Wait a few minutes, ready to catch the curtains in case they fall. Test the sturdiness of the brackets by gently tugging on the ends of the curtain to see if they will fall.