Instructions for Hanging Scarf Valances

One of the easiest window treatments to hang is a swag or scarf valance. This simple length of fabric creates soft folds that add sweeping elegance to drapery tops. Scarf valances are generally inexpensive when compared to those made from wood or upholstery. A scarf valance requires a separate drapery rod to avoid movement when the curtains are opened and closed. The draping of a scarf valance is not a science. While a few essential steps are required in hanging the scarf valance, the final look is a matter of personal taste.

Scarf valances add a dramatic, elegant look to draperies.

Step 1

Purchase a rod specifically made to support a swag or scarf valence. Since the rod will be visible once the scarf valance is in place, make sure you select a rod with accessories, such as rings or sconces, which are attractive and fit with your decor.

Step 2

Measure the window length and width. The length of the window scarf should be the total of the width measurement plus twice the length measurement plus 24 inches. Choose a scarf that is appropriate for the room it will be in. A simple kitchen valance may be casual and colorful. If the scarf valance is intended for a dining room or living room, a more traditional style is favored. A sheer scarf valance works well in a bedroom.

Step 3

Install the scarf valance rod and accompanying hardware to the wall at the top of the window, following the rod manufacturer's directions, using a drill. Attach the rod accessories such as rings or sconces, included with the rod kit, to the rod. Check to make sure the rod is level.

Step 4

Fold the scarf in half and mark the center point with a straight pin. Attach the center of scarf material, temporarily, around the middle point of the valance rod, using the pin.

Step 5

Drape the scarf fabric along the rod, threading it through the rings or sconces on both sides of the rod enter point, following the rod manufacturer's or scarf manufacturer's instructions. Remove the straight pin at the fabric center and drape the scarf fabric in a swag fashion to the desired length. Make sure the scarf ends located at the sides of the window are exactly even. Move the scarf around and arrange the folds in the scarf swag until the desired look is achieved. Arrange the folds in the scarf side panels.