A curtain rod should extend beyond the window so that the curtain fully covers the window. A challenge arises when a curtain rod falls short. The curtain rod extender provides the solution. A curtain rod extender fits between the two ends of a curtain rod to create a longer rod. Learn to install and support a curtain extension rod to create professional results for home or business window treatments.

Sheer curtains and drapes.

Prepare the Curtain Rod

Installing the curtain rod extender involves pulling apart the curtain rod. Grasp the rod firmly and tug so that the two parts slide apart. Pull it all the way apart so that you have two separate pieces. If the rod is stuck and will not come apart because it is bent, gently straighten the rod with your hands and try again. If there is any visible rust, consider replacing the rod. The rust will eventually stain the curtains. If you need to use a stuck rod, apply a small amount of spray lubricant or run the rod under hot water. Clean it with dish soap and water, rinse thoroughly and dry well once you get it apart.

The Rod Extender

The extender rod consists of a standard-sized rod designed to fit into the two ends of a curtain rod to connect them. A rod extender is usually 28 inches long. The extender lengthens a standard curtain rod by 2 feet. For stability, insert at least 2 inches of each end of the extender rod into the ends of the original curtain rod. This is why a 28-inch extender provides a maximum of 24 inches in increased length. The extender usually comes with a support hook. Use this support hook to hold the extender. The support hook screws in at the level of the curtain rod and hooks under the rod. This provides additional support in the center of a long rod to prevent bowing. A lengthened rod or a rod holding considerable weight may sag in the middle. This can bend the rod, make the curtains hang crooked, and over time make the curtain rod mounting hardware pull out of the wall. For these reasons, take a minute to screw in the support hook. If you do not have one, hardware stores carry them.


Insert the rod extender into one end of the original curtain rod. The rod extender is slightly smaller than the curtain rod to slide inside of it. By pushing the extender in at least 2 inches, it will hold in place. Slide the free half of the original curtain rod onto the other end of the extender rod. The lengthened rod is now ready to install. Adjust the length by gently sliding the curtain rod on the extender rod until it reaches the desired length.