8- vs. 6-Gauge Blinds

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Aluminum blinds provide an affordable option for minimalist style window treatments. Larger slat sizes typically have a higher gauge, meaning the blinds are more durable. If you have pets or kids, opt for higher gauge blinds.



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The term "gauge" can mean different things depending on the context in which it is used, including the number of stitches in 1 inch of fabric in knitting, and the size of a shotgun's inner barrel. In relation to blinds, gauge is simply a measurement of the thickness of the aluminum used to make the blind.



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Aluminum blinds are available in three sizes: 6-gauge or .006 inch thick, 8-gauge or .008 inch thick and 9-gauge or .009 inch thick, although the 9-gauge is not as common. Remember that this measurement refers to the thickness of the slat only; not the length or width.



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When purchasing aluminum blinds, the gauge of the blind affects its durability. A higher-gauge blind is thicker and stronger than a lower-gauge blind; making it more resistant to denting and bending. Thicker 8-gauge blinds may be more expensive than thinner 6-gauge blinds because more material goes into making them. It is recommended to choose the highest grade possible for maximum durability.



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