Venetian blinds are an attractive and user-friendly window covering that you can use alone over a window or in combination with other curtains or drapes. Venetian blinds provide privacy and light control as well. When you wish to pull down Venetian blinds, it is a simple process to that takes seconds to do. Raise and lower Venetian blinds using the same cord on the right side of the blinds.

Window blinds
credit: Hemera Technologies/ Images

Step 1

Look at the Venetian blinds to familiarize yourself with the construction. On the left, you will see a plastic rod that you use to tilt the slats of the blinds up or down to open or close the blinds. On the right, you will see a cord that you use to raise and lower the Venetian blinds.

Step 2

Pull the cord gently, angling the cord toward the center of the blinds to release the blinds and begin pulling down the Venetian blinds.

Step 3

Continue holding the cord at this angle as the blinds lower to the level you wish.

Step 4

Move the cord out toward the outside edge of the blinds when the blinds are at the desired level. Do not release the cord until you feel the cord lock in place. Release the cord after it locks and the Venetian blinds will stay at this level.