A little wooden cart can be one of those toys that most children have at some point in their lives. It is also useful for adults for hauling items from one place to the next. A wooden cart is not a difficult item to build, and constructing one is easier than you may think.

Build a wooden cart yourself.

Step 1

Figure out how big you want the cart to be. If you would prefer it to be used as a toy, it ought to be big enough to cling two little ones; if you want it for transportation purposes, it must be slightly larger.

Step 2

Write up a blueprint. This can be as comprehensive as you wish. A blueprint helps make certain you have included all the appropriate parts

Step 3

Carve the bottom of your wagon. This ought to be composed of hard wood, since soft wood is not as supportive. The bottom of the wagon holds the entire thing together, so be certain you measure it adequately.

Step 4

Include the sides and a back of the cart. Wooden slats provide enough support to be sure a child is safe in the wagon and it can haul goods without goods falling off the sides.

Step 5

Affix the wheels and a handle. A lot of people consider buying wheels and a handle that are pre-made, whilst some decide to build them themselves. Regardless of what you choose, be certain that everything is adequately anchored to the cart.