A decorative traverse curtain rod can be installed in a few minutes with simple tools. Levelor curtain rods come with the correct hardware so your installation can look professional. Measure your windows carefully, and purchase a curtain rod that will span the area. Use curtains that are the correct width and length to give you the window coverage and privacy you want.

Step 1

Determine the height placement of the curtain rod above the window by measuring up from the floor the length of your finished curtains. Measure up to the bottom holes of the end brackets for the correct length, and mark the bracket height on the wall with a pencil. The top of your curtains will correspond with the bottom bracket holes.

Step 2

Measure the bracket placement so that your rod will extend on each side of the window with about 3 inches clearance. Mark the bracket width placements on the wall with a pencil. Use the bubble level to ensure that the bracket placement marks are level.

Step 3

Measure across the top of the window and mark the center spot for the center support bracket. Align it so it is level with the rod placement across the top of the window. Mark all bracket holes on the wall with a pencil so you will know where to drill.

Step 4

Drill pilot holes for the mounting screws on the pencil marks. Use a screwdriver to mount the brackets with the screws provided.

Step 5

Hang the rod on the brackets. If you are using a traverse rod, position the ring slides and draw cords to correspond with your window treatment.