Curtains are functional and decorative. They keep out the sun, help insulate a room and beautify windows. However, if your curtain rods are hung incorrectly or somewhat askew, they will be more of an eyesore than a benefit. Learn how and where to properly place them for attractive, effective window treatments.

Where Should You Place Curtain Rods?


Curtain rods have one primary function, which is to support window treatments. Some have a secondary function, as they are decorative as well. Most curtain rods can be expanded or be made smaller so that they can be made the correct size for the window on which they will be placed. Once you have determined where to place them, curtain rods will hold curtains and sometimes valances atop and in front of the window.


The type of curtain rod you choose will determine where to place them. Spring rods, also called tension or spring tension rods, do not require additional hardware. They rely on the window frame or molding to hold them in place and are placed inside the frame near the top. Magnetic rods are placed in a similar position; however, they require metal window frames. Sash rods typically have a white or metallic finish. These are placed slightly above and outside of a window. Café rods are placed the same as sash rods, though café rods are more decorative.


Before purchasing a curtain rod, measure the width of the window by placing a tape measure just above the frame and measuring across the frame or casing. Add 2 to 5 inches to this measurement to know which size rod you will need. Café rods and sash rods each come with special hardware so that you can place them on your wall or window frame. Brackets will be mounted with screws on either side of the window casing, and a hook-like center support will be placed inline, equidistant from the brackets.


Start at the left side of the window. Use a tape measure and measure 4 inches above the window casing and 2 inches to the left. This is where you will place your left bracket. Measure 4 inches above and 2 inches to the right of the opposite side and mark where you will hang your right bracket. Use a drill or screwdriver to insert anchors or toggle bolts, whichever are provided with your curtain rods, and install the brackets.


Use the tape measure again to determine the exact center between the two curtain rod brackets. Install the center support here by screwing it in with your hand. You may want to use a hammer and small nail to make a starter hole for the center support. Place your curtains onto the rod. Set the center of the rod onto the hook of the center support, and attach each end to its bracket.