Don't pay extra to have your blinds shortened. If your blinds are too long, it's very simple to shorten them yourself. This is one of those super-easy do-it-yourself projects that will have you wondering why you ever even considered paying to have done.

Save a small fortune. Don't order custom blinds, learn how to shorten them yourself.

Step 1

Determine how many slats need to be removed to shorten your faux wood blinds. Hang the blind in the window and the lower it to the level where you want it to fall after you have shortened it. Count the number of slats piled up on the bottom rail of the blind. Subtract one and you have the number of slats you need to remove. Write down the number.

Step 2

Remove the bottom rail.Lower the shade completely and take it down from the window. You may need an assistant to carry one end of the shade. Lay the shade across a long table, or on the floor if it's the best place to work. Examine the underside of the bottom rail of the blind and find the plastic plugs. Use a screwdriver to gently pop the plastic plugs out. Set the plastic plugs in a cup or somewhere safe. You will see the ends of strings and cords up in the bottom rail. (The exact number will depend on the width of the blind.) Some are the string "ladders" that the slats rest on, and some are the cords that raise and lower the blinds. Find the cords that lower and raise the blinds and cut each one just above the knot. If necessary, use the tweezers to pull them out so you can cut them.Pull the bottom rail off of the cords and set it aside.

Step 3

Remove the extra slats.Pull the cords you just cut up through the number of slats you wrote down in Step 1. Slide that same number of slats out from the string ladders and set them aside.

Step 4

Replace the bottom rail.Pull the cords and string ladders back through the holes in the bottom rail. Slide the bottom rail up the cords and string ladders until it is up against the nearest slat. Tie knots in the cords as close to the bottom rail as you can get them. Let the bottom rail rest against the knots, and leaving at least 5 inches of extra cord and string ladder below the knots you just tied, trim off the excess string and cord. Stuff the extra cord and string ladder up into the bottom rail and push the plastic plugs back into place.Hang your shortened faux wood blinds back up and enjoy the look of a custom fit!