How Can I Extend a Spring-Loaded Tension Curtain Rod?

Working with a spring-loaded tension rod is simpler to install than a traditional curtain rod because there is no mounting process and the spring rod does not involve drilling into walls or window frames. Tension curtain rods can become frustrating, however, when there isn't enough tension placed on the rod to hold the weight of your curtains and the rod repeatedly falls from its place. Luckily, you can extend a spring-loaded tension curtain rod in only a few minutes and have your curtains hanging securely again.

Step 1

Pull the tension rod down from the window or doorway if it isn't down already. Pull the curtain off the rod and set the curtain aside. The rod consists of two portions: a smaller rod that rests inside a thicker rod.

Step 2

Place your left hand on the thicker portion of the curtain rod and your right hand on the thinner, smaller portion. Twist the rod portion in your right hand in a clockwise direction so the upper surface of the rod would curve toward you to extend the length as you left hand holds the thicker portion still. Ideally the rod should only be extended to ½ inch longer than the area where you will be hanging it.

Step 3

Place the curtain rod back into the window by setting the left end of the rod in position where you want the rod to hang. Hold the right end of the rod just below the area of the window where the right side should rest. Push the right end upward, adding tension to the rod, and move the right end into place. The rod should fit snugly, not loosely, but should not bow down or outward. Add more length by turning the right end clockwise again or decrease the length by turning the right end counterclockwise, if needed, until the rod sits snugly in place.

Step 4

Slip your curtain back onto the curtain rod and replace it in the window.