What Are Different Ways to Hang Window Scarves?

Among window treatments available for home décor, window scarves remain popular because they are easy to create and install. Unlike valances or curtains, which must be hung, a scarf can be simply draped over a curtain rod. There is no wrong way to hang a window scarf, and the decorator is only limited by her imagination.

Window Scarf

A window scarf is a square, rectangular or triangular piece of cloth that can be draped over a curtain rod. A scarf can be a finishing touch over a pair of curtains, or can stand alone as a way of making a window look less bare.


One of the simplest ways to hang a window scarf is to swag it. To swag the scarf, tuck the ends around behind either side of the curtain rod. Let those ends hang down at the side. Then leave the center to hang loosely in front of the window.

Double Swag

A variation on the swag involves wrapping the center of the scarf around the curtain rod to create two swags before letting the ends hang down the sides.

Asymmetrical Effect

For an asymmetrical effect, arrange your window scarf so that one side hangs down longer than the other. This can create a dramatic effect alone; however the effect is even more striking when layered over a pair of curtains.

Scarf As Drapes

For a money-saving alternative to a pair of curtains, use an extra-long, rectangular scarf. Create a swag or double swag, then allow the sides of the scarf to fall all the way to the ground. The appearance will be similar to that of a pair of curtains.


Each of these methods can be used either on a plain curtain rod or on top of an existing valance or pair of curtains. If you have both a valance and curtains, ensure that your valance is visible behind the swag to create layers of thickness over the curtains.

You can also use more than one scarf, and vary the color of your curtains and your scarf. A pair of sheer curtains, layered with a bold-colored scarf and another sheer scarf over the top can create a dramatic effect. A more traditional window treatment may include navy, red and gold colored cloth in traditional fabrics such as damask.