Ever wondered why those plastic windows aren't coming clean? The main reason is because the dust and dirt tend to clean to the plastic windows a lot more than they would on glass. Having plastic windows means that you'll have to clean your windows a lot more because of the static in them. Try this simple, yet unique cleaning solution to find out what you can do to make those windows shine.

How to clean plastic windows

Step 1

Find a glass bowl and take it out of the cupboard. Make sure that the bowl is completely clean. Out of your measuring cups, take out your 1 cup. Fill your measuring cup wtih hot water.

Step 2

After the hot water has cooled down for about two minutes, add 1/4 cup of vinegar to your warm water. Take a silver spoon and mix the solution is around.

Step 3

Mix the solution together.

Step 4

Put in a clean dish rag until it has soaked up some of the solution. Ring out the towel to keep all the solution in your bowl. Begin washing your plastic windows.

Step 5

Let dry for fifteen minutes and repeat if needed.