How to Hang Curtains on a Traverse Rod

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Things You'll Need

  • Pleated drapes

  • Drapery pins

Use a traverse rod to hang heavier, pleated drapes.

A traverse rod is a heavy-duty curtain rod that is commonly used to hang pleated drapes. It has draw cords and a pulley system to easily open and close the drapes. A traverse rod can seem like a confusing contraption when faced with one for the first time. Once you learn how to hang your drapes from the traverse rod, you'll appreciate just how easy it is to use.


Step 1

Insert a drapery pin on the back of the drapes in the middle of each pleat. Slide the straight end into the pleat while leaving the hook end facing outward with the hook curving downward.

Step 2

Insert a drapery pin on the back at the end of each drape.

Step 3

Begin at the master overlap carrier, which is the mechanism that overlaps one side of the drapes over the other side when the drapes are closed. Holding one drapery panel, hook the first pin into the master overlap carrier arm from the back.


Step 4

Slide the second pin into the base of the arm from the front, creating a gentle fold around the arm.

Step 5

Slide all except the last two pins, one by one, into the slides. Push the extra slides to the end of the rod.

Step 6

Slide the next to last pin into the last hole in the rod and the last pin slides into the last hole on the bracket.

Step 7

Repeat steps 3 through 6 with the second panel, hanging it on the other side of the rod.


Step 8

Open the drapes completely. Take your thumb and forefinger and make a single vertical crease to the front in the material between each pleat. Open and close the drapes several time, checking that the crease returns each time the drapes open.

Step 9

Open the drapes and working from the top down, create an appealing wave in the drapes by pulling the fabric forward and the pleat and pushing it backward in between.



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