Can Aluminum Foil Reflect Heat From Windows?

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Sometimes it's a good idea to push aside style for comfort, such as during a heat wave. Simple and readily available aluminum foil may not have the good looks of metallic threaded curtains, for example, but it can reduce your home's temperature when you put it to use on the windows correctly -- at a smidgen of the cost of heat-blocking draperies.

Reflect on Foil

By covering one side of window-sized cardboard panels in reflective aluminum foil, and placing them behind the window treatments next to the windows -- shiny side facing outdoors -- you can stop at least some heat from entering the home, explains If needed, use duct tape to join cardboard sheets or pieces together for large windows. Simply set the panels on the windowsills, or, use painter's tape to keep them in place -- the no-residue adhesive won't leave behind a gummy film or lift paint from the trim or walls. Slide the aluminum-covered panels smartly under the bed when the temperature cools, ready for the next hot day.

Lorna Hordos

Lorna Hordos

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