What Is the Proper Height for Curtain Tiebacks?

Curtain tiebacks add an elegant look to any room in your house, but they also serve a practical purpose. A tieback consists of fabric, usually decorative, that holds curtains open against the sides of the windows. A single tieback placed around each panel of the drapes lets you conveniently open and close them. Hanging the tiebacks at the proper height creates a stylish look.

Tiebacks keep curtains pulled back from a window.

Convenient Height

Place tiebacks at least 90 centimeters, or approximately 35.5 inches, above the floor. This height is recommended for thick or full-sized curtains used on a large window, such as a living room window, provided the curtains reach the floor. For shorter curtains, make the measurement up from the bottom of the curtain: place the tiebacks approximately 35.5 inches up from the bottom hem of a long curtain.


When deciding where to attach a curtain tieback, do not forget the distance from the window edge. Tiebacks typically have a hook or other decorative element that keeps the tieback attached to the wall. The piece is sometimes referred to as a holdback. Place the holdback at least two inches away from the edge of the window, and up to four inches away, depending on the look that you want. The further the holdback is from the window, the more natural light comes through the window.

Making the Measurements

Hang the holdbacks and attach the curtain tiebacks with the help of a friend. Have one person take the measurements for height while the second person stands several feet back and checks the overall look. Make two light pencil marks on the wall, showing the height of each tieback and ask the second person to move the curtain into a mock-open position. Repeat this process to determine the best placement for the holdback. Decide on the exact location and measurements based on your personal preference, the specific room and/or the shape of the window.


According to Interior Design It Yourself, the best tieback height for longer curtains, including curtains that touch the floor or stop below the floor, is roughly level with the windowsill. Attach the curtain tieback onto the curtains at the spot where the window sill begins. For shorter curtains, place the tieback 1/3 of the way up the curtains. The shorter height keeps the base of the curtain pulled back from the window while the top of the curtain drapes stylishly.