How to Remove Hunter Douglas Blinds from the Brackets

Removing Hunter Douglas blinds from the brackets that hold them in place is a simple task. Since blinds are easiest to remove in the retracted position and retracted blinds are easier to keep untangled and damage free during transport in storage, it is best to remove the blinds with the slats in the raised position.

Step 1

Tilt the slats until they are in a horizontal position using the tilt wand or the tilt cords, depending on which is present on your blinds. For the tilt wand, twist it until the slats are horizontal and for the tilt cords, pull one of them at a time until the slats are in the horizontal position.

Step 2

Raise the blinds until they are fully retracted. Depending on the blinds you have, you will either use the single cord on the opposite side of the blinds form the tilt cords or the handle at the bottom of the blinds. With the single cord, pull it down and to the middle until the blinds are completely raised. With the handle at the bottom, gently pull the handle down to engage the rollers and let the blind rise up until it stops.

Step 3

Remove the valance by pulling it down to release the top of the valance from the valance clips and then lift the bottom of the valance free of the clips. The valance is the piece of material that covers the headrail of the blinds to provide a more decorative look.

Step 4

Open the end brackets on either side of the headrail. This is accomplished by opening the front tab to the out and to the side for blinds with slat sizes smaller than 2 inches and by opening it up towards the ceiling for blinds with slats 2 inches or larger. This is generally accomplished by applying upward pressure to the bottom of the end bracket while prying the front tab away from the bracket. A flat bladed screw driver is sometimes needed to pry the tab open.

Step 5

Remove the blind by sliding the headrail out of the open brackets.