There are number of reasons you might want to keep the sun from shining through your windows. Perhaps you work at night and need a dark room so you can sleep during the day. Perhaps you live in a hot climate and want to keep your home cooler. Or maybe you want to block harmful ultraviolet rays. There are a few different ways of keeping the sun out. Some are more effective than others, but all are fairly simple to do.

Step 1

Shut the blinds or pull down the shades. This is the easiest way of keeping the sun from shining through your windows. To close the blinds, you usually pull a drawstring or twist a rod hanging from the blinds.

Step 2

Apply sunblocking film to the glass panes of your windows. The film adheres to your window like a sticker, creating a tinted window. Be careful and patient when applying the film to avoid trapped air bubbles.

Step 3

Use blackout shades or curtains. These are heavy shades or curtains designed to block the sunlight from coming through your windows. Blackout curtains are more effective than the other methods; they block the sunlight almost entirely.