Scarves are long pieces of sheer fabrics, like silk, that you can drape over your window and let cascade down on either side. Hanging these scarves is very easy to do, and can help you achieve the window treatment look you want without a lot of heavy installation or mess.

Window scarves are typically made from some sort of sheer fabric.

Step 1

Measure your window's width and height to determine how long your fabric will need to be. Depending on how low you want fabric to hang down, you can add an extra couple of feet in length to accommodate wrapping fabric.

Step 2

Have your fabric cut about 4 feet wide to allow for ruffling and layering.

Step 3

Hang a curtain rod above your window if you haven't already. The curtain rod method is the easiest way to hang a window scarf. Hang curtains on your rod if you planned on doing so, or leave it bare and just hang your window scarf.

Step 4

Drape your window scarf over your rod so it cascades down on either side. Center your scarf on the rod so that the dangling parts on each side are even with one another. Clip your scarf into place temporarily.

Step 5

Unclip one side of your scarf treatment and wrap it around your curtain rod once. Let it dangle down once again. Repeat this step with the other side. Gently pull the window scarf down in the center of the window to create a nice draping effect.