If you have an open doorway in your home where you would like to add a door, consider swinging doors for the space. Installation is as simple as with a traditional door. Swinging doors, also known as saloon doors, come in an array of styles, so pick one that enhances the appearance of your room. Since swinging doors generally are two side-by-side units instead of one door, they work best in wider doorways, such as kitchen entrances.

Step 1

Buy two doors to fill your space. Measure the doorway and divide the number by two. Each door will need to have a width roughly this size. Also subtract the width of the hinges on each side, generally 1/4 to 1/2 inch of space. Plan for your doors to barely touch in the middle or allow for a small gap between them. Length is up to you--partial or full--as long as the doors swing freely at top and bottom.

Step 2

Use spring hinges. Install these just as you would regular door hinges. The advantage: They allow the doors to open in both directions and swing back to their original positions. Spring hinges, available at most home-improvements stores, often cost more than a standard hinge.

Step 3

Determine how far apart to place hinges. Install two or three hinges, depending on the door's length. For example, on a 4-foot-long door, you would use two hinges spaced three feet apart. For longer doors, add a third hinge in the middle. Measure the door's side edge and mark it six inches from the top and six inches from the bottom.

Step 4

Line the hinges up in the doorway. Measure from the doorway's top and mark the frame the same distance down on both sides. Also measure an equal distance across the side of the doorway on both sides and mark. Now the top hinges should line up both vertically and horizontally. For the bottom hinge placement, measure down from the top hinge line on each side of the doorway, using the distance between hinges that you measured on the door. Make a mark at this point on the door frame.

Step 5

Attach the hinges to the doorway and to the door. Hinges usually come as a kit with their own screws. The top of the upper hinge should line up with your top hinge line. The bottom of the lower hinge should line up with the lower hinge line. Now line the hinge lines you made on the door up with your hinges and attach to the doors. Have your assistant hold the door in place while you attach the hinges.

Step 6

Sand the doors if they area bit too wide. If the doors don't quite fit, the easiest way to correct the problem is to lightly sand the inside edges until the doors swing freely. Do not cut off too much; the result could be lopsided doors.