How to Paint Indoor and Outdoor Carpet

While the indoor/outdoor carpet options frequently found in hardware stores are durable and inexpensive, they are often plain-looking and don't offer many decorating or design options. However, you it is possible to improve the appearance of indoor/outdoor carpets with paint.

Painting an indoor/outdoor carpet can improve its appearance

Step 1

Place newspaper or plastic around the perimeter of the carpet to protect the surrounding floor.

Step 2

Lay down masking tape on the carpet to mark out the design that you want.

Step 3

Paint the carpet using a paint roller that can fit in between whatever tape lines you've laid down. Start in the center of the carpet and work your way to the outside. Use a paint that is designed for outdoor applications, as it will be more durable. There are cloth paints available at craft stores as well.

Step 4

Allow the paint to dry and then lift off the masking tape.