How to Make an Area Rag Rug

For generations, people have been making rag rugs to protect against a cold floor, to decorate and to recycle old clothing. Making a rag rug is an extremely easy project and can be done in one day. Even a beginner will be able to make a rug from these directions.

Make an Area Rag Rug

Step 1

Cut the canvas webbing to the desired size for your rug. Canvas webbing is made up of little squares. Usually it comes in 1/4-inch squares or 1/2 inch squares. This webbing may be found at your local hobby store. With a black marker, draw a design (anything of your choice) on the top of the canvas. Be sure to keep a record of what colors you will use for what section and how many total squares are in that section. This will help you keep track of your emerging design and also to know how many strips of fabric you will need to cut for each section.

Step 2

Cut the fabric into 4-inch lengths and 1/2 inch wide. Make sure you use similar textures of material to get an even lay to the rug. Make sure you have all the lengths cut that you will need so you will be able to continue working the rug until completed.

Step 3

Place the canvas top side up on your lap or flat surface. Take one strip of fabric and fold in half. You will be making a slip knot. Thread the fold of the material through the top left small square. Use the latch hook needle if you need to or do by hand. Loop the folded material back toward you over the top of the first square you are working. Take the two loose ends of the strip of fabric and place upward through the loop you just created and draw tight against the canvas with the two loose ends. This creates a tight knot on the canvas and you have the two loose ends of fabric hanging free.

Step 4

Repeat Step 3 until all the squares are filled in. If you make a mistake, simple pull the knot loose and repeat the step with the correct fabric.

Cathy Conrad

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