How to Make a Flat Braid for a Rug

A braided rag rug is an eco-friendly craft project that reuses cotton or wool fabric and clothing scraps to create a decorative rug for your home. These rugs also make thoughtful hand-crafted gifts. You can use any color fabric to create the look that you want.

Braided rug by Maggie Harlan.

Step 1

Cut or tear your fabric into 2-inch wide strips.

Step 2

Sew pieces together to make several strips, each about five feet long.

Step 3

Place three strips of fabric one on top of the next and stitch them together on one end.

Step 4

Braid the strips together. Make the braid firm but not so tight that it bunches or twists. It helps to secure the starting end and keep the braid as flat as possible while you work. Place the end underneath something heavy or tie it to something sturdy like a table leg. Then work across a flat surface, keeping light tension on the braid.

Step 5

When you come to the end of the braid, sew through the ends to finish.

Step 6

Put the finished braid in the dryer for 5 minutes. This will work out the tension in the braid, making it even enough to lie flat. Now you are ready to make the rug.