How to Make a Rug Stay on the Carpet

Area or throw rugs add accent colors to a room's decor, or they can demarcate a separate space such as a conversation area in a living room. But when you add a rug on top of carpet, it often curls at the corners or crawls across the floor after being walked on, making it a tripping hazard that can lead to a nasty fall. With several different products to choose from, you can find a solution that keeps your rug exactly where you want it, on the carpet or on other floor surfaces.


A Grip System

Lay the area rug on the carpet in the position you want it.

Smooth the rug flat in place over the carpet.

Lift up one corner of the area rug to set the triangle or L-shaped rug grip system piece to the corner of the rug with the tacky side facing the area rug bottom.

Repeat for all four corners of the rug, smoothing the corners and rug to ensure it lays flat.

Specialty Pad

Place the area rug on the carpet in the location where you want it.

Cut eight pieces of masking tape to mark the outside corner locations of the rug on the carpet.

Lift the area rug and set it aside temporarily.

Lay the specialty pad with the tacky side down and the protective backing side up in the space marked by the masking tape, even if it goes beyond the marked border of the area rug.

Set the area rug over the pad according to your taped corners. Trim away any excess pieces of the pad that stick out beyond the edges of the area rug.