What Is the Standard Height for a Shower Curtain Rod?

While there is no specific standard height for shower curtain rods, the curtains themselves are typically a standard 72 in inches in length. The rod itself should be installed several inches higher than the curtain you plan to use, such as 75 to 77 inches high. Use the floor as a visual guideline as to how high to hang either a permanent or tension rod, based on what looks best to you.

Determining the Ideal Height

Step 1 Measure the Curtain Length

Measure the length of the shower curtain from top to bottom if you no longer have the original packaging. Many shower curtains are 72 inches wide and 72 inches long. The height of the rod should be greater than 72 inches because the curtain rings or clips add height as well.

Step 2 Measure the Clip or Hook

Clip one of the shower curtain hooks or rings into the shower curtain and hold up the curtain by the hook or ring. Measure the space from the top of the curtain to the top of the hook or ring to determine how much additional height to accommodate.

Step 3 Measure From the Floor Up

Determine how far from the ground you wish to hang the shower curtain. For instance, if the shower area is within a bathtub, allow at least 3 to 5 inches so you will not trip on the curtain if positioning it inside the tub. In the same manner, do not position the curtain so high it can't cover the top of the tub.

Step 4 Tape to Test the Height

Place a piece of masking tape at the desired height along each of the walls where you wish to install the rod. Place a ring or hook in one of the end holes of the curtain and hold it up alongside the tape to ensure the curtain hangs as low or high as you want it to. Adjust the measurement as necessary before installing the rod.