How to Install California Closets

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Your day more than likely starts and ends in your closet. If it's a mess, it can create stress and hang over you as a laborious project you want to put off. When your closet is cluttered, a closet system can easily be installed to organize the chaos. California Closets has a wide range of easily assembled systems to fit any space, lifestyle and need. To install a California Closets system you will need to first assess your closet and what changes you require to bring peace and organization to your life. Once you've gathered the required components and framework, you can install the closet with a screwdriver or drill and a little patience.

How to Install California Closets
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How It Works

California Closets is renowned for its variety of materials and adaptable lines in designs that range from economical to luxurious. The proven space saver has both functional and decorative components, which are structured and designed for utility above all else.

The basic system is supported by a horizontal steel rail. Simple enough, but that one rail holds a host of components. From baskets to ballet rods, California Closets carries accessories that make this longstanding company an organizer's dream. Each component slides or snaps into the framework with pins, pegs and dowels that are inserted into the sides of vertical supports that attach to the main rod or framework.

Before You Start

Determine what you need your closet to do for you. California Closets has clever ways to use their components to make your life easier. Do you need high and low shelves? Drawers? Hooks for belts, scarves or ties? Once you've explored and chosen the components that will work best for your needs, your personal items will effortlessly find their way back to their assigned spot in your newly organized closet.

Before installing, remove all shelving or other organization systems that were previously in place. Patch any holes from screws or nails for a clean, smooth surface. A stud finder will help you locate the two-by-fours behind the wall that you'll use to secure the main framework. This may require some adjusting once you have purchased your frame, so be prepared to make some changes in your design. However, California Closets is designed to accommodate these hiccups, so don't fret; extenders, dowels and poles are available for any size project you plan to build. You may also find that your needs change once the closet is installed. Luckily, you can remove drawers, add shelves or cupboards, adjust rods to dress height or add rods for pants with the special locking pieces that are easy to remove and reattach.

With a little DIY confidence, you can use California Closet systems to streamline your disorganized closets, eliminating clutter and making storage a breeze.


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