Do Vinyl Mattress Covers Make You Sweat?

A vinyl mattress cover helps protect the mattress from all sorts of things, such as sweat, stains and dust mites. But that same waterproof and dust-proof barrier protecting the mattress may make you feel hot or sweaty, especially if you are already prone to feeling overheated while you're sleeping.

credit: Birgit Reitz-Hofmann/iStock/Getty Images
Spill on mattress cover.

Vinyl Cover Conundrum

A vinyl mattress cover is designed to be waterproof -- ideal for both incontinent concerns or night sweats and you're trying to keep the mattress stain-free. The downside is that the material does not breathe; as your body heat warms up the bed, airflow cannot travel through the bedding to the mattress beneath, making it more difficult to regulate body temperature. As a result, you may sweat or notice a sweaty sensation more than you would without the pad. If you want to use a vinyl mattress cover anyway, add a breathable cotton mattress pad between it and the sheets to make the sleep experience less sweaty. If allergies are a concern and a mattress pad is not an option, select a breathable organic alternative to a vinyl mattress cover to help cut down on the sweats.