How to Fix a Stuffing Bunch in a Comforter

Bunchy comforters do not provide the type of warmth or comfort that is needed for a good night's sleep. Oftentimes, comforters will start to bunch over time or from the dryer. Comforter fillings can be made with several types of materials such as feathers or cotton. Quality comforters are generally difficult and expensive to replace, so it is important to restore the functionality of the comforter and fix the bunch.

Feather Comforter Bunch

Step 1

Place your feather comforter in a washer larger enough to accommodate its size. Most washers made for home use are not large enough for the size of a comforter, so go to a local laundry mat.

Step 2

Pour in a mild detergent or soap that is safe to use on the fabric. Set the washing machine on cold and throw in two tennis balls. Check the comforter after it has gone through the wash to ensure that it is not still soapy.

Step 3

Place the comforter in a dryer. Transfer the tennis balls from the washing machine to the dryer and set the temperature to delicate heat. Take the comforter out of the dryer when dry and shake out any clumps. Fold and take home.

Fragile Comforters

Step 1

Fill a bathtub with warm water. While the water is running pour in a cap full of mild detergent and wait for the tub to fill with water and bubbles.

Step 2

Place the fragile comforter inside of the bathtub and allow the soap to soak into the material for 10 minutes. Drain the soapy water out of the tub and gently squeeze the material.

Step 3

Rinse the soap out of the comforter with fresh water. Squeeze out the excess water. Pick a sunny area of the home to attach three clotheslines or go outside. Tie the three clotheslines to a post or existing outdoor structure. The three clotheslines should have enough distance between them to support the entire length and width of the comforter.

Step 4

Lay the comforter on the clotheslines. Rotate the comforter every 30 minutes to ensure that it dries evenly and releases any bunching.

Step 5

Shake the comforter out, and lay it on your bed.