How to Paint a Popcorn Texture Ceiling

In this article you will learn how to paint a popcorn textured ceiling.

Paint a Popcorn Texture Ceiling

Put your heavy plastic on the floors, you'll want the plastic on walls and over furniture as well. Painting popcorn ceilings is a very messy job.

Step 2

Pour some paint into your paint tray. Dip the segmented roller into the paint, using the textured portion of the paint tray to roll off any extra paint that is on the roller and to evenly distribute paint on the roller.

Step 3

Now paint your ceiling. Do NOT paint in a back and forth motion. Paint in one direction only and then stop. Going back and forth over the ceiling will cause the popcorn ceiling to peel. If you find that one roll in one direction is not enough coverage, wait for the first layer of paint to dry completely then roll over it again.

Step 4

The use of an airless sprayer is best for painting popcorn ceilings. The smaller airless spray pumps are perfect for this project and the use of a pole gun will make everything easier. Pole guns are available in lengths from 16 inches to 6 feet.

Step 5

For the first coat spray in one direction only. Spray in only this direction throughout the first coat.

Step 6

The second coat is applied in the opposite direction. Allow the ceiling to dry for a few hours between each coat of paint.