The color of your home's front door adds as much impact as landscaping does to its curb appeal. Bright, vibrant colors draw the eye to the front of the house, highlighting blooming shrubbery or architectural detail, while colors that enhance the exterior paint blend the front door into the house seamlessly. The color you choose also depends on the architectural style of the house, so keep that in mind when shopping for paint.


A red/orange paint color is a popular choice to complement neutral exterior paint. If you have taupe or beige walls, a red/orange color allows you to have a pop of color on the exterior without going overboard. To enhance the paint color, choose landscaping near the porch or patio that has red, yellow or orange blossoms, which will showcase the color of the door and enhance the entire yard. According to House Beautiful, one popular shade of red/orange is Moroccan Red, which is similar to the color of paprika. To enhance the overall look of the door, apply a coat of clear varnish over the color to add shine.


If you have a colonial or ranch-style home that is predominantly white, a steel-gray door paint enhances the overall look without detracting from the style of the home. If you want to be bold, choose a gray paint that has purple or brown undertones, like raisin. According to DIY-HQ, choosing a contrasting paint color for your door is always suitable. Even if you use a very subtle gray or steel color—as long as it is lighter or darker than your exterior paint—it will create a palette that's pleasing to the eye. Offset the white and gray exterior paint by planting vibrant shrubbery or flowers in the front yard.


To some, white may seem too plain, but it is a popular choice when you decide to paint the house with bold or vibrant colors. If you have siding in gray, brown or yellow, a white door offers a traditional and clean contrast to the rest of the paint. If your home features various color trims or shades, adding a white door to the house will keep it from appearing too busy. In addition, if you prefer a simple, contemporary look, white is an ideal choice.