How to Paint Over Glazed Brick

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Things You'll Need

  • Scrub brush

  • Soapy water

  • Scouring powder

  • Water

  • Towel

  • Two part epoxy paint

  • Short nap paint roller

Paint over glazed brick for a new look.

Glazed brick features a fired ceramic exterior which gives the bricks a smooth and shiny finish. While glazed bricks may be considered more attractive than regular bricks, you may want to paint them if they clash with a new color scheme in your home. With a little prep work and the right materials, you can paint glazed brick and enjoy the new look for years to come.


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Step 1

Scrub the brick.

Scrub the glazed brick with a scrub brush and soapy water to remove any dirt or grease from the surface.

Step 2

Mix scouring powder and water together to form a paste and rub this paste onto your glazed brick with a scrub brush. The scouring powder will help clean and roughen the surface to help the paint adhere properly.


Step 3

Rinse the glazed brick and dry it with a towel.

Rinse the glazed brick thoroughly with clean water and dry it with a towel.

Step 4

Mix together the activator and liquid of a two part epoxy paint. These paints are often used on garage floors and must be mixed just before application.


Step 5

Apply the epoxy paint to the glazed brick with a short nap paint roller. A 3/8-inch nap roller or shorter is sufficient for this project.

Step 6

Wait for the epoxy paint to dry before you touch the surface. If the brick is still visible through the epoxy paint, apply a second coat.



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