Stucco is a popular finish on the exterior of homes or interior ceilings, among other things. If you are updating the paint or accidentally get paint on the stucco, you'll need to take precautions to remove the paint without damaging the stucco.


Step 1

Purchase a commercial paint remover. Look for one that has a jelly-like consistency, since the more watery it is, the messier and more difficult it will be for you.

Step 2

Don the rubber gloves and put down the plastic cover under the area you will be working with. If you are choosing to wear a breathing mask, you'll want to put it on now.

Step 3

Use the clean cloth or paintbrush to go over the paint-covered stucco. Use a dabbing motion to avoid damaging the stucco finish.

Step 4

Clean the area with water once the paint has been successfully removed. Pour or splash the water over the affected area as needed.

Step 5

Close the paint remover and store or discard it per the manufacturer's directions. Also use the manufacturer's directions to dispose of the rubber gloves and rags or paintbrush.