How to Choose the Right Paint Colors for a Bakery

Bakeries are a popular place to have a treat and spend time with friends and family. If you are opening your own bakery, the colors you choose to decorate with are more important than you think. Color plays a role in mood and appetite, making the right choice vital for running a successful bakery of your own. Customers who are happy and hungry will spend more than grumpy people who don't find your baked goods appetizing, even if it is a subconscious response to your wall color.

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The colors used in your bakery can influence your customers' purchases.

Step 1

Look at your logo and advertising materials. Matching the interior color of your bakery with these items allows customers to associate them, which could bring in more business. For example if your sign and business cards feature sherbet colors, like pale pink and yellow, the same interior associates the two, allowing potential and return customers to see your sign and want your treats.

Step 2

Choose a color that increases appetite. Shades of green, red, brown and orange are colors that may make your customers feel hungry, because they mimic the colors of appetizing foods such as chocolate, leading them to purchase more. Use these colors on the walls, seat cushions, display cases and wall art. In addition, bright orange, red and yellow stimulate the urge to eat, reports CNN. These colors can be added as accents or as your main colors.

Step 3

Use colors that promote a good mood. Cheerful customers are more likely to be comfortable in your bakery. This means they may linger longer and might spend more money, according to CNN. Yellow, orange and red are colors that invoke joy, energy and excitement, while blue and green are relaxing and calming.

Step 4

Stay away from dark colors. Deep blues, purples, grays or blacks may not be a good choice for a bakery. These are colors aren't associated with an increase in appetite.

Step 5

Try white. White tends to open up small spaces, making it an ideal choice for a small bakery. It also gives you a blank canvas for mixing up your decor with the seasons and holidays.

Step 6

Test your color choices. Gather paint samples and fabric swatches, and display them in your bakery. This will help you determine if your choices will work with the space and lighting. This also makes it easier to change things if you aren't happy with the look of your bakery, without going over budget and having to start from scratch.

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