Removing paint drips and splatters can be a tedious, difficult endeavor. Because spray paint over-spray tends to go on light and wispy, the adhesives usually do not soak into the surface and bond. If you need to remove spray paint over-spray, appropriate removal techniques are necessary to avoid causing damage to the underlying surface.

Do not use a metal putty knife in place of a plastic one.


Step 1

Lay the fabric flat on top of a wood board.

Step 2

Apply a few drops of olive oil to the over-spray.

Step 3

Allow the olive oil to soak into the over-spray for four minutes. Scrape away the over-spray with a plastic putty knife.

Step 4

Wipe the olive oil from the fabric with a rag dampened with turpentine.

Step 5

Wash the fabric with dish-washing detergent.

Brick and cement

Step 6

Remove as much of the over-spray as possible with a pressure washer.

Step 7

Apply lacquer thinner to the over-spray.

Step 8

Scrape away the over-spray with a wire brush.

Step 9

Rinse the surface with the pressure washer.

Wood, plastic, fiberglass, or vinyl

Step 10

Apply a few drops of olive oil to a rag.

Step 11

Apply olive oil to the over-spray with the rag.

Step 12

Wrap the wide scraping-end of the plastic putty knife with a rag.

Step 13

Scrape the over-spray free using the plastic putty knife buffered with the rag.