How to Paint a Tree on a Wall

If you are looking for a cool way to decorate a child's room, consider painting tree mural on their bedroom wall. A tree mural is fun and easy to paint and it can be done by almost any adult (or mature teen). Here is a 3-step process that you can paint in a matter of hours, if you have a little help, or over a weekend if you are doing it by yourself.

Paint a Tree on a Wall

Begin by drawing the tree trunk and branches. You do not need to be an artist to draw the tree, as no tree is perfect. Just look at a picture of a tree and do your best to copy it. In this photograph, a tree is drawn in a corner and painted brown. Use 2 shades of brown paint to make the tree look more realistic. First paint it a darker color and go over it lightly with a lighter color of brown.


Leaves of the tree can be made by using a stamp or a stencil. You should have 3 or 4 different sizes of leaves, so that when they are painted they look more natural and not like a carbon copy. In this case, you can see that a stamp was used to make the leaves.

Step 3

Randomly paint or stamp on the leaves until you are satisfied that your tree is full. Use a variation of colors of green and even add some yellow and gold for a fall motif.

Step 4

When finished, use a small paintbrush to fix any smudged edges on the leaves and to add details to the tree to make it look more realistic.

Andrea Hermitt

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