Mattresses come with one of three primary types of top layers. These include firm, plush and pillow top. Each type offers different levels of comfort and advantages. The plush-top mattress is considered a combination of the other two.


A plush mattress adds a layer of soft cushioning to the mattress, regardless of the firmness of the actual mattress.


Depending on the manufacturer, down feathers may be inside the layer of a plush mattress's cushioning. There is also a small gap between the mattress structure and the plush top layer where the two are stitched together.


A couple who share a bed can compromise with a plush mattress. One partner might require a firm mattress, while the other may like to sink into the mattress cushioning. The plush top provides aspects of both types.


Plush mattresses come in all the standard mattress sizes such as twin, full, queen, king and California king. Each of these types also come in XL (extra long versions).


A plush mattress may be slightly thicker than a firm mattress. With this in mind, some standard-sized bed sheets may not fit correctly, and you may need to purchase the next size up in sheets.