How to Cover a Light Bar With Exposed Light Bulbs

Light bars are often used above vanities in bathrooms. While not popular in design, the light bar actually provides excellent light for applying makeup, which is why this style of fixture is used in professional makeup studios. Exposed bulbs tend to be unattractive and provide a harsh appearance. You can modify this by retrofitting clamping shades to the light fixture. In this way you can update the excellent function of the light bar and make it more attractive for current users.

Step 1

Remove large globe-type bulbs from the light bar when the fixture is off and the bulbs are cold.

Step 2

Replace the globe light bulbs with candelabra type bulbs.

Step 3

Select night light or small sconce lamp shades that attach using a clamp-over-bulb style mounting. Pick a shade design that is simple and attractive when several are mounted in close proximity. You can also have a custom shade made that attaches to the two outer light bulbs on the bar with the shade spanning the inner light bulbs.