How to Replace Fluorescent Lighting in a Kitchen

Many homes were built with cheap fluorescent lighting in their kitchens, and while these lights are functional they are not aesthetically pleasing. Luckily, replacing that fluorescent lighting is a simple project that will make any kitchen look more contemporary. Some good options include track lighting and recessed lighting.

Old Fluorescent Light Replaced with New Lights

Step 1

Locate the breaker box in your home and turn off the power to your kitchen light.

Step 2

Put a piece of masking tape over the switch so it will not be accidentally turned back on.

Step 3

Position the ladder under the fluorescent light that will be replaced.

Step 4

Remove the fluorescent light bulbs and set aside or dispose of properly.

Step 5

Use the screwdriver to remove the old fixture and detach the wires.

Step 6

Choose the fixture you will install. Track lighting is the easiest and will make the biggest impact.

Step 7

Connect similar wires together---black with black, white with white, and copper ground with ground.

Step 8

Use the yellow wire caps to secure and protect the exposed terminals.

Step 9

Use the screwdriver to secure the base of the track to the ceiling of the kitchen.

Step 10

Attach the lights on the track by twisting them on and position them to illuminate work areas in your kitchen.

Step 11

Remove the masking tape and turn the power back on.

Step 12

Enjoy your new contemporary kitchen lighting.