Track lighting consists of a long, thin piece of plastic that is installed on the ceiling to which movable spotlights are attached. This type of lighting is useful in rooms where you need light pointed in multiple locations at the same time. Although track lighting comes in standard 4- and 8-foot lengths, you can cut the tracks with a common handsaw to make them fit into smaller installation spaces if needed.

Step 1

Place a step ladder under the portion of the ceiling where you plan to install the track lighting. Measure the area with a tape measure to determine the proper length of the track.

Step 2

Lay the track on a flat surface. Use a pencil and the tape measure to mark the area where you need to cut it.

Step 3

Slide the track over the edge of the table until the pencil mark hangs off. Pick up a hacksaw and position it on top of the pencil mark. Hold the top of the track firmly with one hand and carefully saw through the pencil line with the hacksaw until it splits in two.