MR16 bulbs are cone- or dome-shaped projector bulbs most often used in recessed lighting. Changing an MR16 bulb is as simple as changing any other type of bulb; however, accessing the bulb is sometimes tricky. MR16 bulbs are halogen bulbs; they're attached with a "two-pin" connection instead of a screw socket like many other light bulbs. You can use a stepladder and screwdriver if you need them, but the must-have item for this project is a replacement bulb.

MR16 bulbs are commonly used in track and recessed lights.

Step 1

Remove the bulb assembly. Some are attached with screws, but most are held in with clips. Twist the assembly, or use a flathead screwdriver to pry it off.

Step 2

Disconnect the wiring attached to the rear of the assembly. Pull the wiring away from the assembly to disconnect it.

Step 3

Set the assembly on a table or another suitable work place.

Step 4

Remove the bulb from the assembly. The bulb will slide out of the back with ease; however, some assemblies have panels protecting the bulb. Remove this panel first if necessary.

Step 5

Install the new bulb. Attach it to the assembly securely. Replace any screws or panels on your particular bulb assembly.

Step 6

Attach the bulb assembly back to the wiring. The two pins connect to the assembly with ease. Mount the bulb assembly back in position; replace any screws or panels you removed to access it.