Truth About Salt Crystal Lamps

Salt crystal lamps are promoted for their health benefits. For many lamps the crystal salt comes from Himalayan salt which is taken from ancient seabeds. These crystals are then hollowed out and a light bulb is placed inside. The light bulb when turned on produces heat. According to the advocates of salt crystal lamps this heat produces negative ions which purify the air.

Salt crystal lamps are made from crystal salt.


Crystal salt lamps provide light like any lamp.

Crystal salt lamps are real lamps. They work like any other type of lamp. The cord is plugged into an electrical socket and the light bulb, generally a 15 watt bulb, provides light. The lamp also serves a decorative purpose. The difference between crystal salt lamps and other lamps are the claims that crystal salt lamps provide another function. That function is purifying the air, according to Solay Wellness.


The ocean contains saltwater which is heated by the sun.

The claims by Solay Wellness go beyond just puriftying the air. Crystal salt is sodium chloride. The claim is that the heat from the light bulb splits the salt into positive sodium ions and negative chloride ions. These negative ions then purify the air by removing dust, bacteria and other harmful items. This effect is similar on a small scale to what happens when the sun heats up the saltwater ocean.


There are no scientific studies or tests to support the claims of crystal salt lamps.

There are no reputable scientific studies to substantiate the claims of the people who sell crystal salt lamps. While crytal salt does contain sodium chloride there is simply no evidence from any study that the heat from a 15 watt bulb would be enough to produce any measurable effect. Lisa Barger's Alternative Medicine was unable to locate any study or test.


There is no evidence that a crystal salt lamp can purify the air in a house.

Many people who have purchased crystal salt lamps are pleased with the product. They state that the air is their home is better and that this purified air makes it easier to breathe. They say that it also makes them have more energy. Ionicsalts sells crystal salt lamps and their customers are convinced of the benefits even if there are no scientific studies.


The truth about crystal salt lamps may remain a question.

Without scientific proof the benefits of crystal salt lamps are just a theory or speculation. Purchasers believe that the salt lamps work. The science seems simple. However the truth is that there is no proof that the salt lamps work. There is only anecdoctal evidence from users.