How to Activate Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are a great benefit both indoors and outdoors. Whether you want to shine light on intruders approaching your house, or illuminate a basement stairwell, a motion detector light will automatically turn on when the sensor detects motion in the vicinity. When motion stops, the light turns off automatically. For your motion sensor lights to work properly, take the time to activate motion lights so they turn on and off when you need them to.

Step 1

Find the light switch that sends power to your light fixture. This is the same switch that you would use to turn the light "On" or "Off" if there wasn't a motion sensor attached.

Step 2

Turn the light switch to the "On" position. This sends power to the light fixture, meaning the light bulb will light up when the sensor detects movement. Once the sensor stops detecting movement, it will send a signal to turn the light bulb off, even though the light switch is "On."

Step 3

Flip the light switch "Off" if you ever need to disable the motion sensor light.