Closets are an integral part of any home design. A closet serves as a place to store items. A walk-in closet is a closet specifically designed for the storage of clothing and shoes. A wall-in closet is usually adjacent to a bedroom and offers users a great deal of additional storage space. An ideal design should be both functional and attractive.

Walk-In Closet

Step 1

Decide on the size of the closet. A walk-in closet should be big enough for at least one person to walk into it without feeling cramped. This can be accomplished easily if the closet is at least six to eight feet in length and two to three feet across. The closet should have a window, if possible,- to let in natural light as one views clothing that is stored there. The closet should have a ceiling height that matches the rest of the height of the entire bedroom.

Step 2

Provide a place to store shoes. Shoes can fit in neatly under most shelves. Purchase shoe racks to place on the floor. Consider hanging a shoe holder over the side of the door to the closet for additional storage space.

Step 3

Divide the closet into his and hers spaces. If you only have one walk-in closet and two people sharing it, designate each half of the closet for a specific person. Design the closet with gender needs in mind. A man may want a tie rack to ease access to his formal daily wear. A woman may want a lingerie drawer from where she can quickly pull out pantyhose during the morning rush.

Step 4

Use a closet organizer. A closet organizer is a system of shelves that line up against a wall to turn the wall into a series of storage spaces. Closet organizers are ideal for walk-in closet storage. Look for closet organizers that have different kinds of shelving in a single unit. The organizer should have space to hang clothing, shelves that can be used for overhead storage of heavier items such as seasonal rugs and bins that pull out for easy access to items being stored. Look for durable materials such as hard wood and thick metal. Thinner metal may sag under the weight of clothes and look sloppy. Wood veneers easily may become scratched in a short time frame.

Step 5

Add details. A walk-in closet should feel elegant and pleasant when using it. Carpet the floor with thick rugs. Provide a place to sit, if possible, while trying on clothing. Add a mirror at one end. If there is space in the middle of the closet, purchase a wood armoire in a design that complements the rest of the furniture in the bedroom.