What Is the Size of a Two Car Garage?

Garages can be built in a number of sizes and layouts. The most common variety is the two-car garage, although three-car garages are become the norm in newer high end homes.

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Two-car garages vary in size from builder to builder.

Typical Two-Car Garage

The average two-car garage is 20-by-20 feet for a total square footage of 400 square feet. This size is the most commonly used definition of a two-car garage by city and county requirements. A garage this size will have a 16-foot door. While fairly common, this size is considered the minimum and is fairly small.

High-End Homes

Designers of high-end homes typically include a larger garage when building new homes. These houses often have a garage that is 26 feet wide and 24 feet deep. These garages often have two 8- or 9-foot doors instead one larger one, but one large door is not uncommon.

Three-Car Garages

A three-car garage offers not only an extra parking space but often extra storage for lawn mowers and other equipment as well. The typical range of a three-car garage is 32 to 36 feet wide by 24 to 28 feet deep. A three-car garage typically has one small 8- or 9-foot door and a larger two-car stall.

History of the Garage

Early garages were nothing more than converted carriage houses that had previously been used to house horses and carriages. As cars become more common, outbuildings designed specifically to house them became the norm. The word "garage" originates from the French word "garer," meaning to park.

History of Garage Doors

Early garage doors were basically barn doors. They opened outward, which could be inconvenient when the ground was covered in snow. Sliding track doors replaced these barn doors, and in 1921 the overhead door was invented by C.G. Johnson. The door lifted up and folded parallel to the garage floor. In 1926 C.G. Johnson also invented the automatic garage opener.